Assembly Resources
Respect Assembly Pack SD041 £30
Ripples 1 Module - RIPMO 3 Modules - RIPYR
Ribbons of the Cross SD011 £30
Nativity Trail SD001 £30
Easter Trail SD021 £30
Bethlehem Reports SD051 £30
Ponder 1 Term - PON1 3 Terms - PON3
Poster Sets
Super Values SD301
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Ribbons of the Cross SD012
Our Values SD302
Prayers & Quotes (please specify Anglican/Catholic) SD031
Easter Set SD023
Bethlehem Series SD003
Contemporary Prayers SD303
Lego Respect SD042
Junior Prayers SD304
Target Values SD305
Be Wise Series Series 1 - SD306 Series 2 - SD307
Pastel Values SD308
10 Commandments SD309
Sticker Sets
Catchem Stickers Sets (30) please specify value (s) SD401
Prayer Cards
Lenten Prayer Cards SD013
Exam Room Prayer Cards SD006
Christian Festivals SD005
Christmas Prayers SD002
Breaking News Prayer Cards SD004
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Poster Sizes
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Poster Sizes
Poster Sizes
Poster Sizes
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Advent Prayers SD052
Advent posters SD053
Poster Sets/Sizes
Nativity Posters SD054
Poster Sizes
Poster Sizes
Nativity Image Pack SD055 £30
Promises of the Cross SD013 £35
Around The World & Worship  SD014 £30
Worzle Pack SD015 £30
Fruit of the Spirit Poster Set SD311
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Liturgical Year Poster Set SD310
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£6 per set
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ORDERING We are happy to accept orders using any of the following means. please email orders to: Orders will be dispatched with an invoice enclosed for payment alternatively goods can be purchased using a credit card or paypal orders may be sent to: The School Distinctiveness Company ‘Gable End’ Stocks Lane Thurlaston Rugby Warwickshire CV23 9JU Please call Steve on 07449757028
Pentecost Trail SD061 £30
Tolerance Pack SD071 £30
We Value SD312
Poster Sizes
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Values Series 2 SD313
Poster Sizes
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Tolerance Visuals SD072 £30
Poster Sizes
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Lego Values SD314
Fruit of The Spirit Prayers SD077
12 Days of Christmas SD075 £35
Fruit of the Spirit SD076 £35
TIU Associate Training Pack SD099 £35
Holy Trinity Poster Set SD098
Peace Assembly Pack SD102 £30
Wisdom Assembly Pack SD302 £30
Poster Sizes
Colours of Compassion Assembly Pack SD302 £35