Online assembly resource for infant & primary schools
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What Is Ripples? Ripples is an online assembly resource that is being developed as a Primary School version of Ponder. Ponder, itself, has been developed over the past 9 years, to provide high quality acts of worship/reflection throughout secondary schools without time consuming preparation. The latest online version was launched in 2013 and has been made available to schools on a subscription basis. As with the secondary school version (Ponder),  Ripples provides enough material for 5 assemblies each week. It requires little or no preparation but delivers consistently distinctive worship times for children. Ripples harnesses  resources, such as Youtube, to provide stimulating discussion starters that are both relevant and engaging. Each Ripples module contains 8 value based themes that are explored using 5, daily, discussion starters. Each theme is supported with a prayer, Bible verse and song that together, provide a context for the material. Activities are kept varied to keep pupils interested and allow schools to select the sessions most appropriate for their pupils. With little preparation necessary, facilitators simply have to ‘click’ their way through the material to lead their students in a high quality, stimulating act of worship.